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 After the signing of Sheeny and The Glory

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The Glory

The Glory

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After the signing of Sheeny and The Glory Empty
PostSubject: After the signing of Sheeny and The Glory   After the signing of Sheeny and The Glory Icon_minitimeWed Aug 06, 2008 6:43 pm

*the camera follows The Glory for a minute and watches him, still angry, and still holding his mid-section, entering the locker room*

*As he enters the locker room, he spots Sheeny at his locker, packing up his gear and preparing to leave for the night* *Angrily he walks over to him, grabs the gym bag and confronts Sheeny*

The Glory: Hey, man ! What the *bleep*. I said you were supposed to "pretend to hit me in the guts" not actually do it! I oughta....

Sheeny: "Sorry man, the adrenaline of the big league signing got me all pumped up,....I'm so sorry."

The Glory: "Well, everything else went off without a hitch and I think that TCA bought it, so I forgive you. Just remember, you're on a tightrope, more of these "accidents" will earn you a good old fashioned ass-kicking."

Sheeny: "Ok, sorry bro,.....hey, I have a hot date, the signing worked out for the best I think, thanks for taking me under your wing. See ya later?" *BIG smile*

The Glory: " OK, man, I know it was an adrenal problem. Catch ya soon. Watch my back and you'll be riding my coat-tails to the big time. Good luck with the lady, you have my cel-number if you need some advice."

Sheeny: "Yeah, gotcha man,....cya soon and remember, I Have Your Back!" *leaves the dressing room and is followed outside by the cameras* *sees a cab pull up and hops in* *as the cab drives away we hear laughter echoing through the night that sounds suspiciously like Sheeny*

*cameras darken and the view returns to the ring area for the next match*
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After the signing of Sheeny and The Glory
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