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 Introducing your wrestler

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Unstoppable Bull

Unstoppable Bull

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Location : Bonn, Germany

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PostSubject: Introducing your wrestler   Introducing your wrestler Icon_minitimeWed Jul 09, 2008 2:44 am

Maybe it would be good, if evereyone tells about his wrestlers life.

-How he got into this wrestling bussiness.
-What he looks like.

So here's my storyline:

Unstoppable Bull was born in Bonn, Germany. His father pushed him him to sign in for a local wrestling team. After a while, Unstoppable Bull raised in his team and got a ticket for the national youth cup. He competed 5 different wrestlers and won all matches. Unstoppable Bull went home and was shocked for his life. His father died by a heart attack. So he swore to his dead father, to fight until he would be the best wrestler of the world. Today, 4 years later, Unstoppable Bull is much more grown up and he trains every single day, to steel his body and to bring his moves to perfection.

Unstoppable Bull is a white, german wrestler, who is known for his good build body. He wears a black, tight short, black boots, which cover his ankles and has a golden necklace of his father.

Image and Music:
Unstoppable Bull is a face, who gets the urge of high risk moves.

My Entrance music is from Seether: ... re=related
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Manx Stig

Manx Stig

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Location : Isle of Man

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PostSubject: Manx Stig   Introducing your wrestler Icon_minitimeWed Jul 09, 2008 3:04 am

Manx Stig was apparently born on Venus and was raised by aliens. His mother was Zxortbartfart, but his father was the son of flash Gordon, flesh. He came to earth on solar rays and had his nose broken on the moon. He landed on the Isle of dogs, but left because of the smell of canine pooh and chose The Isle of man, mainly because it has Fairies and Chips Cheese and Gravy.

• Fans: 105
• Age: 20
• Wrestler's level: 7


Are You Gay
Modified Angry Stomp
Modified Back Spinning Wheel Kick
Stignature Of Doom
The Manximizer
Up Yours
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Age : 33
Location : Rostock, Germany

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PostSubject: Re: Introducing your wrestler   Introducing your wrestler Icon_minitimeWed Jul 09, 2008 3:23 am

Batistom was born in 1985 in Rostock, Germany. Since he was brought to kindergarten he never avoided conflicts with other children, but he has ever been a fair guy. He judged about good and evil, saving the weak kids from the powerful. But his educaters only saw the brawler when they looked at him, so he had to leave kindergarten... and he still uses this as a gimmick today - He is the Baltic Sea Brawler.
In school time he advanced his talent and used it to join a wrestling school, but he never got free from his brawler image.
"I fight for my friends and family, it´s a matter of heart." he said in his first interview by a local newspaper. And Batistom always engaged in it.


Batistom wears a Hansa Rostock jersey and billabong boardshorts with a black/brown check on his way to the ring, also black glasses. His Entrance is accompanied by the song "Born from Misery" by the hardcore band "Death Before Dishonor" which reflects his life.
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Location : Norwich, England

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PostSubject: Re: Introducing your wrestler   Introducing your wrestler Icon_minitimeWed Jul 09, 2008 6:02 am

name: Vicent von Spider
ring name: Spider Shadow
born: London England

After a near death experiance Vincet realised life was a gift, he hates people who don't live life to the full being thankful for every breath, when Vincet was on the operating table he heard a voice, his calling, to wrestle in the N.E.W and to destroy all who has not lived life.

Trademark moves:
Modified Knee Drop
Modified Double Under Hook Suplex
Modified Sambo Suplex

Spider In The Shadows
Spider Stare

Spiderplex (vertical Suplex)
Spiderbomb (sit-down power bomb)
Spider's Bite (torcher rack)
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Ryan Steele

Ryan Steele

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Location : Mississippi, USA

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PostSubject: Re: Introducing your wrestler   Introducing your wrestler Icon_minitimeFri Jul 11, 2008 1:47 pm

Name: "Big" Ryan Steele
Age: 24
Hair Color: Blond
Eyes: Blue
Weight: 368 lbs (167kg)
Height: 6' 8" (198cm)
Allignment: Rookie Face

Ryan Steele is a former bodybuilder turned pro-wrestler. He was scouted at a competition in Southern Florida and after a year of training joined the ranks of "The Wrestling Game". He specializes in power moves and prefers to crush his opponents into submission to win a match.

Taunts: Guns Of Steele, Steele Flex, Steele Pump
Trademarks: Modified Backbreaker, Modified Body Slam, Steele Flex Cocky Pin
Finishers: Running Power Slam Of Steele, Steele Rack, Steele Suplex Power Slam
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Rick Foley

Rick Foley

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PostSubject: Re: Introducing your wrestler   Introducing your wrestler Icon_minitimeFri Jul 18, 2008 4:24 pm

Name : Rick Foley
Age : 21
Height : 6 foot 2
Weight : 200 lbs
Hometown : Montréal
Finishers : Dead Cell, Rickliner
Trademark Moves : Lachine's Finest, Verdun's Finest
Signature Move : Modified Samoan Drop
Taunts : The Rickiness Dance, The Cold stare

Rick Foley started doing Martial Arts since he was 8. He learned all sorts of them from judo to taekwondo to brazilian jiu-jitsu. At 18, he became a master of martial arts and started travelling the world in search of a meaning to life. One day, he came upon a friend of his late father he didn't see since the funeral. He started telling him about an underground wrestling organization lead by an Evil Man. Rick took the matter into his own hands and look for this organization and tried to put a stop to it before this Evil Man takes control of all the wrestling organizations in the world. For 3 long years, he searched for any kind of information he could get on this Man but nobody seemed to know who he was or any other info on him. Rick started being suspicious that this Man didn't even exist after all and that his father's friend had lied to him for a reason he failed to understand.

One day, as he was entering his appartment, Rick saw a shadow sitting on the couch. Before he could do anything, someone came from behind and knocked him out cold. When he came to his senses, he was tied up, blindfolded and there was a big smell of bleach in the air along with big machine noises. Someone took his blindfold off and a look of shock came on Rick's face. The man was his father's friend and he explained to Rick that he was the Evil Man and he is gonna rule the wrestling world with an iron fist. As he was pushing Rick against the ledge of the platform they were on right above a huge vat of toxic bleach, the Man told Rick a little secret he kept for himself for a long time and now he wanted to share with Rick in his final moment : his father was murdered and he's the one who killed him. While Rick was exploding into rage and anger, the Man pushed Rick into the toxic bleach vat presumably killing him.

But as all good stories unfold, that wasn't the end, it was just the beginning. Rick didn't die in that vat, if all things, it made him stronger. And then made a vow to join the best wrestling federation in the world, N.E.W., and become it's World Heavyweight Champion as he thinks by becoming it, it will make his father's killer notice that he isn't dead and that by being champion, the Evil Man can never truly rule the wrestling world.

- green hair
- white skin
- martial arts expert
- he's a good guy but there's an evil and insane part inside his head that he sometimes can't control due to several facts like : the shock of his father's murder news, having his killer right in front of him and being thrown into a toxic bleach vat (all happening within 30 secs)
- determined to become the N.E.W. Heavyweight Champion
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Location : canada

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PostSubject: Re: Introducing your wrestler   Introducing your wrestler Icon_minitimeFri Jul 18, 2008 5:32 pm

TCA(the cerebral assassin....)



A.K.A:canadian destroyer/the x-trem assassin/cibernetico/secta cibernetica

height 1.84 m (6 ft +1�2 in)

weight 107 kg (240 lb/16.8 st)

born 13/03/74 in alberta canada

trained by the one and only Brett ''the hitman''Hart

Championships and accomplishments:

sign a contract in AAA in mexico (4 years)

signed a contract in EPW(1 and a half years)(in wg)

AAA Campeón de Campeones Championship (3 times) (Last)

AAA World Heavyweight Championship (1 time)

IWC World Heavyweight Championship(2 times)

GPCW SUPER-X Monster Champoionship(2007)

Mexican National Heavyweight Championship(4 times)

Universal Wrestling Association(1 times)

UWA World Heavyweight Championship(2007)

World Wrestling Association(1 times)

WWA World Heavyweight Championship(1 time)
(in wg)
1st Lvl Champion:
2nd Lvl Champion:
4th Lvl Champion:
5th Lvl Champion:
7th Lms Lvl Champion:
7th Lvl champion:

WG TAG TEAM CHAMP(with King_assassin)

member of the ASSASSINS KINGDOM with King_Assassin

GM OF-RWF - Regional Wrestling Federation Roster: N.E.W-new era wrestling
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Location : South Of Heaven

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PostSubject: Re: Introducing your wrestler   Introducing your wrestler Icon_minitimeSun Jul 20, 2008 5:51 pm

Lamprius was the result of a summoning demon spell which went terribly wrong.This abysmal failure happened because the witch poured raspberry juice instead of blood in her cauldron Razz
Little Lamprius had a terrible time living the life of the witch's apprentice but this life helped him to improve his now famous skills,since he had to avoid throwing objects by dodging them,he pumped up his strength and endurance with the constant chores he had to do and ofcourse learned to run like crazy in order to avoid an incoming fireball Razz
After leaving the witch Lamprius wandered for many a nomadic life till he found out that he actually could use his skills in order to earn some honest money.Since then he s in NEW roster,trying to lead his body and mind to perfection
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The Black Abyss

The Black Abyss

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PostSubject: Re: Introducing your wrestler   Introducing your wrestler Icon_minitimeWed Jul 23, 2008 1:57 am

The Black Abyss

Simply a powerful force in any federation, this beast will not be able to be stopped from his rampage

Best not to get in his way. The Black Abyss will only help few people and even fewer if money isn't involved.

Tweener (depends what he's getting from it)


The Black Abyss Lift the opponent into a vertical suplex stance
then he twists his opponent sideways and slams him into a backbreaker executing a devastating Shockwave

Black Hole
The Black Abyss cilmbs the turnbuckle and The Black Abyss leaps a cross body slaming the opponent
Momentum forces The Black Abyss to his feet still holding the opponent, he then hits the opponent with a massive super STO executing a devastating Black Hole

Nail in the Coffin

The Black Abyss lifts the opponent in a pump handle fashion
and sitdown slams him sidways on the mat executing a devastating Nail In The Coffin
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Matt Skiba

Matt Skiba

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PostSubject: Re: Introducing your wrestler   Introducing your wrestler Icon_minitimeFri Jul 25, 2008 1:56 pm

Name: Matt Skiba
Age: 18
Heigh: 5'10"
Weight: 105kg
From: East Coast Of England

out side the ring: Black Shirt, with and velvet wasit cost on and a violet tie, plain black trousers he has black hair with a long fringe.
Expert on guitar and good singer, has been in several rock band none sucssesful but one of his favourite pass times.
Deep dark side to matt that no one can understand,expresses himself in lyrics and songs, and expresses his anger on any
opponent in the ring.
in the ring: black boots black knee pads plain black wrestling tights with and skull in a heart in the top back of the tights. Black elbow pads and
a single purple bandana on his right wrist. two tattoo's on this arms
with ruthless agression this young and talented wrestler is keen to impress and take changes, specialises in submisson.

Nick names: Alkaline
Phrases: 'I'll have your neck', 'Hell Yes!'
face wrestler

Life Story: Since birth the only two things that have mattered to Matt Skiba is Music and Wrestling, when he was little he used to jam with his older brother Damian, as well as backyard wrestling, everything was fine untill Matt miss judge a vertabreaker on his brother dislocating his shoulder, after that his brother refused to wrestle or play music, after a few un sucssesful high school bands Matt gave up on music and used it as a hobby and focused on wrestling, now this talented (but young) highly technical wrestler has worked hard to get noticed on N.E.W, eager as can be he wishes nothing more then to really get noticed and work his way up to the top.

*Please note this is a fantasy character and has nothing to do with the real Matt Skiba of Alkaline Trio or of and one else called Matt Skiba*
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Dr. Demolish

Dr. Demolish

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PostSubject: Introducing Dr.Demolish   Introducing your wrestler Icon_minitimeMon Jul 28, 2008 4:12 pm

This is the story of Dr.Demolish: Introducing your wrestler 324411

Born on April 16,1986 in Edison,NJ....Dr. Demolish was Sadistically Tortured Every Day by his Father as a Child, He Was Kept in the Basement of the house Chained To the wall for most of his Childhood, Being Feed on a dirty metal plate on the floor. The Pain was so horrifying that one day when his father came down to beat him he broke the chain and Murdered his father. He was Send away to a Mental Institution, Where he learned to read and write and He Because Extremely smart. Since he could Read, he read every medical book he could get his hands on. He Got his MD at the State Mental Institution. After being Released from The Institution on "Good Behavior" He came to TWG to Reek Havoc on those who harm him...So If your hurt or feeling sick, You better get the fuck up and run very Quick, If He Catches you he'll make you bleed, Cause This is one Sadistic Fucker and is very mean!!! The Doctor From Hellllll is IN...Dr. Demolish has come for 2 reasons and 2 reasons only: To Spill The Blood Of those trespass Against him and To be Declared The Heavy-weight Champion.

Master of the First Blood Match, and Hardcore

Palmares include: 1st Lvl Champion: 1 victories and 0 defenses
2nd FB Lvl Champion: 5 victories and 4 defenses
2nd Lvl Champion: 3 victories and 0 defenses
3rd FB Lvl Champion: 7 victories and 13 defenses
3rd Lvl Champion: 1 victories and 1 defenses
4th Lvl Champion: 1 victories and 1 defenses
4th FB Lvl Champion: 7 victories and 7 defenses
1st Lvl Tag Champ: 2 victories and 0 defenses
2nd Lvl Tag Champ: 1 victories and 0 defenses
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The Glory

The Glory

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PostSubject: The Glory   Introducing your wrestler Icon_minitimeMon Aug 04, 2008 6:18 am

The Glory got into the idea of wrestling for a living while he was growing up. He fell in love with being the centre of attention and having millions of adoring fans, and being the object of affection for women worldwide. His natural good looks always made him think of himself as a gift from heaven to the females of the world, and his natural ability at fighting in the schoolyard as well as in amateur wrestling made him certain he'd continue on into professional wrestling at his first opportunity. He has been quoted as saying "I love to hear the fans and watch the women swoon when I enter the ring. I know when I enter the ring, that ALL of their eyes are focused on me, and I know I will be the one they think of long after the night is done."

The Glory is a strapping young man, standing 6' 5" tall and weighing in at 215, he wears his blonde hair long and has an aura of arrogance in everything he does and says. He is so self-assured and so self-centered, that he really does think that he's, in his words, "I'm an angel of deliverance, sent to save these men from boredom and the women from ugly men. I aim to be the rolemodel for all of the children to aspire to as they grow up." which is why he wears wings to the ring. He truly believes that he's loved, not mocked or loathed because he is such a narcissist.
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PostSubject: Re: Introducing your wrestler   Introducing your wrestler Icon_minitime

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Introducing your wrestler
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